2009年9月4日 星期五

DIY small handbags

Look ! all these bags are made by my mother, she is really good in needle work.
Do you know who is the model ? He He .... is me.
This is small bags, let's see some other wonderful bags later. Will come soon !

2009年6月1日 星期一

What make handmade be fun at home ?

What make handmade be fun at home ?

Handmade gifts are a fun way to get the entire family involved in the process. You can select a night for the gift making, gathering the kids around. Take out other business; just enjoy the night with your family members by doing handmade gifts. After finish the gifts, send the gifts to your friends, relatives, or even poor children. When you give your love to the others, they will happy and love others also. Your family will bless the others.You just need to offer some instructions, and some materials. Then everyone start to work. Even if you feel you are not creative or handy, there are plenty of gifts you can make.

1. Personal gift card - Buy some blank cards or paper and stamp or print some personal design onto them. You can use your own figure prints to creative a card
2. Photo Albums or Picture Books - select your favious photo, cut a special shape and stick on a book. buy the "bones" and build on it to make it personal.
3. Homemade food – make sandwiches, pizza, pancakes…. You can find the material in supermarket with instruction.
4. Ornaments – by mixing some color beads, crystal beads, and string, you can make a beautiful decoration for phone, bags. You are only limited by your imagination on this one.

What are your homemade gift ideas?

About Susanna Lau :
Susanna Lau is the founder of http://www.7comforthome.com/ and http://www.1handmade.blogspot.com/that offers handmade gifts and products. Susanna likes to design handmade gift and let her friends and family members enjoys their life.

2009年5月26日 星期二

Homemade Cakes - Jen

I am very surprise, the homemade ideas is not only come from me, but also my sister. She like to making cookies, cakes, dessert....... After being a "White Mouse" for several times, her skill is improved. She can do moon cake also, it is unbelieveable !!!!! When I was young, moon cake is equal to Kee Wah.
** White Mouse means testing, when my sister made the new product, our family members always be the 1st tester, comments. After several trials, the taste is getting better and better.

Homemade Cookies and Cakes. Special design and homemade by my Sister JEN. She try every new and tradition taste by heart handmade. She like everyone to enjoy her homemade and comfort your heart. She is really a homemade gourmet.

Lemon & Orange Cookies

Chocolate & butter cookies

Walnut Cookies

Packing : Deluxe & Normal packing, it is welcome to choose

Handmade Clothes

My handmade dream is not stop at flowers, I start to develope another interesting things.

As I am a Clothing Designer when I am in school. I like to watch fashion show and window shopping. When I find some special design at shop, I will remember the design and make some modify. It is really happy that I can make clothes for me and the design is special.

However my mother is more skillfull than me. When I am small, she make clothes for family members. We love the design and colour matching very much. She make us happy and warm, comfort homes are come from her. She match every colour, every style, wash every fabric, iron every seam by heart handmade. She is really a handmade designer.
Here are the skirt which is done by my mother : More in our web site Comfort Home
all Skirt Length 裙長 : 69cm (27"), Elastic Waist, 橡筋裙頭

My mother also same as me, Oh no ! I should said I am same as my mother !!
She create handmade bags also, she is so creative ! I have to follow her........

DIY beauty

1) Homemade facial treatment
Do you think that you can beauty yourselves at your home? Actually a lot of natural material around us which can keep our perfect skin. Nowadays more and more ladies like to make things at home. Please find the youtube video as below :


Natural facial scrub
Nuts and grains are ideal to exfoliate dry skin because of their high oil content. Oatmeal, garbanzo beans and even plain sugar can also be used.
In a blender grind ½ cup oatmeal (125 ml) leaving some grit and mix with 1 plain yogurt. Apply to face gently in a circular motion. Especially treat the T-zone area of the face that includes the forehead, nose, mouth, and chin. Rinse with warm water and then with cooler water.

Green tea skin toner
Green tea is one of the most widely used non-alcoholic beverages in the world. It is also an excellent skin toner because it contains antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E which helps strengthen your skin’s natural defenses.
Boil ½ cup pure spring or distilled water. Place the tea leaves in a glass or ceramic bowl.Pour boiling water and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes. Strain the leaves and allow the liquid to cool. Apply to the face with cotton and do not rinse off.

Strawberry acne mask
Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid, the same key ingredient in many commercial acne products; honey is also known as antibacterial ingredient. Together, they make a powerful facial treatment for troubled skin.
Take ½ cup fresh strawberries, 1 egg white and 2 teaspoons of honey mix together until smooth using a blender or a fork.
To use: Spread over your face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat your skin dry.

Want to get more homemade facial treatment, visit as below

3) DIY Beauty
DIY gel nail
DIY Gel Nails package, you can make beautiful gel nails at your home! It is easy made and you will be the most attractive one in the party.

India Hair Henna

This henna is come from India, it is natural and give you soft hair.

Material :
Henna power (1 bag can use 4 times) ** I bought from India Shop
Egg, Rice vinegar, Tea (普洱)or coffee

1) Put boil water into Tea or Coffee, to get the liquor ** this can be colour your hair. It can colour the white hair to brown, and you can enjoy the natural smell from Tea of Coffee, I tried, very good ***
2) Soak henna overnight or for a minimum of 3 hours in an iron container (mix with tea liquor or coffee powder for better result)
3) Mix with egg, rice vinegar to the mixture. It can be enhance the nutrition
4) Apply in small sections of the hair and comb through
5) Allow to remain on hair for 2-3 hours, rinse off with water and shampoo
India Henna 印度手繪粉

The hair henna can also be a Tattoo. It is very special and creative. It is come from India traditional. It can be wash

1) Make a paste of henna in a container
2) Soak the paste for a minimum of 3-4 hours
3) Fill the paste in a cone
4) Apply the henna as per the design on hand

My handmade dream

My handmade dream is starting from flowers. I like flowers and enjoy to carry a big bunch of flowers (without decoration) on hand. It is because I like to re-build them to a beautiful and attractive flower bouquet. So that I start to learn how to pack flowers. After learning and practice for several years, I find that I can use this knowledge to cheer up the others. Especially when they get the bouquet from me, I can see their eyes are full with happiness.

I still remember that I help my friends to do a wedding bouquet few years ago. She felt that normal wedding bouquet by fresh flowers was too heavy for her, so that I recommend her to use wooden flowers (dried flower) which was made by thin wood pieces. It was also the 1st time for me to doing such kind of wedding bouquet. Actually I don't know how it look like, however I like to try new things, and so do her. So I give my confidence to made this. It was wonderful, the bouquet was much more lighter than fresh one, the colours were attractive and stable. The shape was easy to control !

On the wedding day, when the bride holding the wedding bouquet, her eyes was shaking with tears. She liked this very much !! Many relatives and friends were surprise that her wedding bouquet was so special and match the bride ~~ very attractive! Because it was not heavy and and stable, she can hold the bouquet at any angles, feel free to take photos with her friends at any posts ! I was really happy too.

Actually flower is different with other gifts, it should be handmade and fresh. We can see the heart from the maker. Just like in our church, we insist to put fresh flowers decoration on Sunday worship, and it is made by christian, solely sisters. In the beginning, I don't understand why fresh flower is insist, why don't use artificial flowers. Our Poster told me that flowers have smell, it can be a sweet smell to our Lord.

Leviticus chapter 2:12

You may give them as an offering of first-fruits to the Lord, but they are not to go up as a sweet smell on the altar.
When I am working around the flower shops at Prince Edward, I will find a lot of colourful and fresh around me. When I was depress, I will go to flower street at Prince Edward, I always feel refresh and happy again.
Beside of flowers, I start to pay attention on every kind of handmade products. I study Clothing Design when I am a student. It is also amozing that I can build up a clothes by a pieces of fabric ! I can wearing this ! As I said, I like to re-build something to a special and beautiful. So that I start my handmade dream ~~ To Build Up our Life ~~